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Android Spy Software is spy application for devices with Android OS. Android Spy can be used to spy on Android mobile phones such as Google Nexus S/one, SamSung Galaxy, Android devices such as T-Mobile G-Slate. Android OS is widely used in the modern smart phones, tablet PCs and Slates now.

  • Record Incoming and Outgoing SMS
  • Monitor all the Call Information
  • Spy Websites in Phone Browsers
  • Monitor Social Media (Facebook/Twitter)
  • List Applications installed and used
  • Track Android GPS location with Maps
  • Control Remotely and View Live Screen
  • View the Reports Whenever You Want
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iKeyMonitor is the best Android Spy App Software for Android mobile phones and tablets. It is designed to monitor all the Android smart phone activities in real-time, which has been popularly used to help people to know the truth about their children, employees, spouses or anybody else by spying on their Android Phones. Install Android iKeyMonitor onto Android compatible phone and start monitoring now!

Do you want to know what your children do with their Android Mobile Phones or Android Touch Pad Slates?
Do you suspect that your family member has an inappropriate behavior and want to get some evidences to confront him/her?
Do you want to know what your employees do with the android mobile phones equipped by the company?
Do you want to spy on an Android Tablet PC to discover the truth?

Android Spy App will help you complete these tasks and find out the truth easily and stealthily! With Android Spy, you can secretly monitor the Android mobile phones activities including SMS text messages sent and received, call logs, GPS locations, websites visited, photo and video logs, Contacts. You can view the logs from an online account with a computer or mobile phone which has Internet access.

Android Spy

Key Feature List of Android Spy App Software

  • Record Text Messages
    It records all text messages sent or received by using SMS and WhatsApp along with the date and time as well as sender’s and recipient’s numbers.
  • Monitor Call Information
    It monitors all call information on the Android mobile phone. The numbers, time stamps and duration about the calls will also be recorded.
  • Spy Visited Websites
    All websites visited on the Android mobile phone by using the phone’s built-in web browsers will be recorded clearly.
  • Monitor Social Media
    It monitors all the activities from Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp clients on the Android mobile phone (rooted only).
  • List Programs Installed and Used
    It lists all the programs installed on the Android mobile phone. In addition, the program usage will also be logged.
  • Track GPS location
    You can find the location of Android mobile phone by GPS, so you can track the location or get your lost cell phone easily.
  • Control Remotely and Live Screen
    It can be controlled remotely and you can view the live screen of the mobile phone whenever and wherever you are.

What Can You Do with Android Spy App Software?

Protect Your Children Online with Android Spy App

Do your kids often like to play with their cell phone and have nothing to talk with you? Or do you feel something is wrong with your kids? If these questions are bothering you, the Android Spy must be the ideal choice for you. It helps you monitor all things they do on their cell phone, so you can know what they do every day and help them timely if they do something wrong.

Employee Monitoring – Guarantee Company’s Profit

Android Spy software is a convenient and effective employee monitoring way. It can help you monitor all your employees’ activity on their private cell phones. You can easily monitor every activity they performed on the Android and you will be released from the worry about their stealing or leaking out company’s confidential information.

Monitor Family Members with Android Spy App

Do you often feel that your family member doesn’t tell you the truth? You have the right to know the truth! The Android Spy software helps you get access easily to get text messages, calls, emails or more. You can keep an eye on your family anytime and finally dig out the truth.

Android Spy App – Get Your Lost Cell Phone Back

Are you a careless person who often loses something important like your Android phone? Or you may hate the people who steal your Android phone. Now the Android Spy software can track the GPS location about your mobile phone, so you can easily get back your lost cell phone back by viewing the location of your phone with given map images.

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How to Spy on Android Phone?

An increasing of parents, employers are seeking ways to spy on Android phone of their children, employees. With the growth of Android users, there are also many problems coming out. Children may encounter unwanted trouble when using Android phone, such as pornography, adult content, cyber bullying, violence. Employees may spend too much on phone during working hours so that the productivity is down. How can you spy on Android phone to avoid such unwanted cases?

Spy or No Spy?

You can spy on the phone/computer of your children who are under 18 years old without them knowing. But if you intend to spy on someone else, such as your employees or spouses, you’d better get their permission before doing so to avoid invasion of privacy.

In order to protect your children’s online safety, or increase your employees’ productivity, it’s meaningful for you to take methods to spy on their Android phone. But what is the most effective and reasonable way to spy on Android phone? Definitely, you may need a spy app for Android, such as iKeyMonitor.

What is Android Spy App

iKeyMonitor Android spy app is especially designed for devices with Android system. iKeyMonitro can be used to spy on Android phones such as Google Nexus S/one, SamSung Galaxy, T-Mobile G-Slate, Huawei mobile phones.

iKeyMonitor enables users to record every single keystroke typed on Android mobile, SMS sent and received, incoming and outgoing call history, website history, voice messages, chat logs on WhatsApp, Skype, Kik, Facebook. iKeyMonitor also captures screenshots of activities on Android phone, showing whether there are inappropriate behaviors on the Android phone.
What’s more, iKeyMonitor provides you with 24*7 full-time tech support via emails and live chat. You can get your problem solved whenever you want.

Key Features of iKeyMonitor

Let’s have a look at the key features of iKeyMonitor. You will realize what iKeyMonitor can do for you is more than spying on Android phone. It can also provide more useful functions for you!

  • Work in a Stealthy Mode
  • Record Incoming and Outgoing SMS
  • Monitor all the Call Information
  • Spy Websites in Phone Browsers
  • Monitor Social Media (Facebook/Twitter)
  • List Applications Installed and Used
  • Track Android GPS Location with Maps
  • Control Remotely and View Live Screen
  • View the Reports Whenever You Want
  • Block Inappropriate Apps/Games

If you are still anxiously looking for ways to spy on Android phones of the ones you care, try iKeyMonitor. You can have a three-day free trial on your own Android phone. Definitely, you will love this Android spy app!

Inspect Your Kids Cell Phone Usage with Android Monitoring App

Owing to the fact that you have to work and your kids have to study, it is an unrealistic thought that you can always stay with your kids to monitor their behaviors in real time. The only connection of yours relies on the cell phones. But the disastrous disadvantages of the cell phones worry you a lot. Under this circumstance, you need to inspect your kids’ cell phone usage with the trustworthy software even though you can’t stay with your kids throughout. The Android monitoring app is able to fulfill your wishes.

The first function of the Android monitoring app is to record accurate information about your kids’ text message, including the date and time of the text message as well as the sender’s and the recipient’s numbers. Ostensibly, the information on the Android app monitor tells you the person who is keeping in touch with your kids. To say in a deeper level, Android monitoring software enables you to know your kids better even though you are away, after all, the friends of your kids are the mirrors that reflects your kids’ characters to some extents. Based on the logs, you can acknowledge your kids’ character completely and deeply.

Furthermore, you are able to know your kids internet behaviors entirely with the usage of the Android monitoring app. Whenever you read the websites your kids visited, you can inspect whether your kids are searching something that is not suitable for them, whether your kids are using their cell phones for study or just for entertainment, what is their true fondness. Not only that, if they are addicted to the cyber bullying or any other cheating behaviors on the internet, you can take actions timely.

Additionally, with the help of the Android monitoring app, you can control your kids geographic location with the GPS tracking system. Except for the fact that your kids’ cell phone being stolen, the cell phone goes with your kids in most of the time. Every day, when your kids leave school, you can know whether your kids go back home directly, or just stroll around for fun. In this way, you are able to know the true location of your kids easily.

Besides that, running in the invisible and undetectable mode can be another highlight of the Android phone spy, which won’t be the destroyer of the relationships between you and your kids. Reversely, the Android monitoring app can be the helper to you without any doubt.

How can i spy on my wife via her android mobile?

Someone told me a story that let me realized how can I spy on my wife via her android mobile. He told me that he suspect his wife ,, he swears she tell lies ,, she is cheating ,, so he gets her an android mobile so he can track her

i tried software named infidelity iKeyMonitor and i like its idea ,,, by using it i can control her mobile remotely online with the desired command and track her via my gmail account,, for example if i send a command to get gps location,, it will locate her and send her location to my gmail account ….. also it’s kept invisible so that she cannot detect any new software installed BUT alas , it you can try it 3 days for free, anything like this should be recommended :@

In this story, how about either trust her or if you swear shes telling lies you can DIVORCE HER, there is no point in being with someone you dont trust, also using a android phone to spy on someone if you get caught doing it even if its your wife. and having the android spy software is also invisible so best of luck that it won’t be found. You may spy on your wife via your android mobile phone with the spy app.

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