Android Keylogger is a secure and invisible Android spy app that has been around for quite some years now and has been increasingly in demand by people worldwide. This keylogger for Android is specially designed to monitor and track everything happening on the Android smart phone so as to protect the security of the phone users.

With the widespread use of the Android smart phone devices, as well as the rapid development of the technology, smart phones demand for security is being concerned. Android Keylogger comes into beings to help to guarantee the security of the Android phones. Now with the help of Android Keylogger, you can:

Key Features of Android Keylogger:

  • Log SMS Text Messages
    Keep records of clear content of the SMS text messages sent and received.
  • Record Phone Calls
    Keep track of all calls dialed and received including detailed contact information.
  • Monitor Web Activity
    Record the URLs of the websites that are visited on the Internet with the Android phone.
  • Log Social Networks
    Record all social networking activities such as Facebook/Twitter/YouTube activity.
  • Watch Email Activity
    Log the inbound and outbound email activity from the primary email account.
  • Track GPS Location
    Locate the exact position of the target Android smart phone by tracking its GPS location.
  • Capture Snapshots
    Capture screenshots at an interval to provide a visual image of the active screen for you.
  • Remote Monitoring
    All logs are sent to specific email and can be checked remotely on the Internet-enabled devices.

What Can You Do with Android Keylogger?

  • Provide Best Parental Control
    Android Keylogger helps a lot of parents keep track of what their kids are doing with their Android smart phones and can instantly figure out where their children are in the real time by tracking their GPS location.
  • Monitor and Locate Employees
    As the Android smart phone is increasingly used in our working, so the Android Keylogger becomes more in demand to help employers monitor and locate employees’ activity and position especially when they are working outside.
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  • Monitor and Protect Families
    The keylogger for Android works invisibly on the Android smart phone to help you monitor and record almost everything the users do on their cell phone, so it often can be used to monitor families to find out truth and clear suspicion.
  • Track Lost/Stolen Android Phone
    Apart from powerful logging features, the Android phone keylogger is able to find the exact position of the target cell phone by tracking its GPS location. The Android phone spy will send the link with a map to you so that you can know the exact position clearly.

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